ADCE – In Gold We Trust

Art Directors Club of Europe 20th anniversary campaign. Under the concept IN GOLD WE TRUST in which we developed an entire campaign. Exploiting man’s obsession with

success and glory— in this case gold.



— Bespoke typeface “The Golden Type”

in collaboration with Baselab

— Teaser film directed by Fergus Stothart

— “The Golden Man” photographed

by Biel Capllonch

— Print poster campaign, exhibition graphics

— 565 page Golden Book

Three short promotional spots for the ADCE book directed by Marcel Juan

— Awards party, Judging day & Jury

photography by  Caterina Barjau

— Support photography by Salva Lopez 

and Sisco Soler


Head of Art: Màrius Zorrilla

Creative team: Kiku Aromir, Jordi Carles, Conor Cronin, Jordi González, Lolo González, Albert Sala, Gaizka Sampedro



Work created at *S,C,P,F…

Bank Sabadell_950x635px_1


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_12


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_14


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_13


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_15


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_16


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_17


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_18


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_110


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_19


Bank Sabadell_950x635px_111